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    When will you have the cases for the iPhone 8 & 8 Plus?

    We have been told that 7 and 7 Plus cases will fit the 8 and 8 Plus respectively, however, we have determined that this is just too snug a fit for us.
    Our wallet cases are molded exactly to each model.  We are concerned that the tightness could damage phones or even possibly cause issues removing the phone from the case.
    Our factory is modifying the mold so that the iPhone 7 & 7 Plus cases will fit both the 7 and the 8 sizes.
    Would you like to receive emails on updates for the 8 & 8 Plus cases?

    Will the eyn storage case for the iPhone 6/6s fit the new iPhone 7?

    No, we are sorry to say that the eyn storage case for the iPhone 6/6s will not fit the new iPhone 7.
    Our storage cases are molded to the exact specifications of each phone model to ensure that all ports, buttons and camera lenses are easily accessible.  

    The eyn cases for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are still in production. Since our storage cases are molded specifically for each model, it does take a few months for this process from start to finish. 

    Want to be notified as soon as the eyn case for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is available?  Send us an email to get on our mailing list.



    What is the eyn case made of?

    A strong polycarbonate with a rubber finish for extra protection.


    Can I use more than one promo/discount code at checkout?

    No, sorry.  Only one promo code per order.

    Is the case waterproof or water resistant?

    The material itself is waterproof and water resistant, but the case does not protect your phone from a full bath. If your case is splashed and the water hasn’t seeped inside, the phone should be fine, but dry it off promptly by removing the phone from the case and drying both the inside and outside of the case as well as the phone.

    Does the eyn phone case come with a screen protector?

    We currently do not sell screen protectors. However, the perimeter of the case is engineered to protect the face of the phone from touching any surface or if the phone happens to drop face down.

    How much can be stored in the eyn phone case?

    A surprising amount — but don’t go crazy! We can generally fit up to three credit cards and a single folded bill, but try your own combination, which might include a key, tickets, gum, etc. It all depends on how creative you are in packing your case!

    Does the wrist strap come with the case?

    Yes, the wrist strap is included for more secure carrying.

    Does the eyn phone case work for all smartphones?

    The eyn phone case is currently available for the iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/SE, 5c, 6/6s, 6 Plus/6s Plus and Samsung GALAXY S4. 

    Will my credit cards be deactivated if they are in the case so close to my phone?

    No worries — credit cards are not affected by being next to your phone so the eyn case is a great spot for carrying them.


    My new eyn case is making a "clicking" sound when I open and close it.  Is this normal?

     Yes.  This clicking noise you hear is completely normal. This feature is built into the hinged area of the case to enable propping open your phone on a table for video chatting, etc...


    What is your return policy?

    Please visit our return policy page for full details regarding returns and exchanges.


    What if the case was purchased as a gift?

    If you’re returning an eyn case received as a gift, it must be in new, unused condition, in original packaging and accompanied by an RMA number, as detailed above. 


    How will my purchase be refunded?

    The purchase will be refunded back to the original form of purchase. If the case you’re returning was a gift, the person who purchased it will receive the refund.


    My case is damaged. Can I get a new one?

    We handle each request on a “case by case” basis and require the following information:

    • Date of purchase
    • Where original purchase was made
    • Case color
    • Case type (iPhone 4/4s, 5/5s/SE, 5c, 6/6s, 6 Plus/6s Plus or Samsung GALAXY S4)
    • Shipping address
    • We’ll respond to your request within 48 hours


    Do you sell replacement parts?

    We don’t, but please contact us at and we’ll try to troubleshoot for you.


    Where are your products shipped from?

    Our warehouse is located in Connecticut.


    How are your products shipped?

    Currently we use the USPS, UPS and Federal Express.


    Does eyn products ship internationally?

    Yes, eyn products ships worldwide.


    Where is the eyn phone case manufactured?

    The eyn phone case is manufactured in China.


    Do you sell wholesale?

    Yes! Please email . We’ll get back to you within 48 hours.