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    iPhone 4/4s

    eyn wallet case for iPhone 4/4s $ 6.99

    Quick Overview - fits all iPhone 4/4s devices - dimensions: 4 5/8" x 2 3/8" x 7/8"- hinged back for built-in storage space- holds three bank cards and cash comfortably- comes with enclosed mirror - includes easy-attach wrist strap -...

    Buddha Nose lip balm exclusively for eyn $ 10.00

    Quick Overview don't let your lips go nude this winter! - single lip balm fits in your eyn case - includes four (4) .05 oz containers pre-packed in the following assortment: berry, coral, pink and natural- orange vanilla scented- made with all-natural...

    Curvyman Cord Supervisor $ 3.99

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Meet Curvyman, Senior Headset Cord Supervisor, Frustration Preventer Extraordinaire, and Your Future Best Friend. Made of durable, lightweight plastic, his unique physique was made for keeping unruly ear buds and headsets in order - literally! Pop one end...