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    PowerKey Mini Power Cord $ 17.99

    Power in the palm of your hand - or the seat of your pants, or that pocket in your purse. The PowerKey attaches conveniently to your key chain so you'll never be caught without a power cord again. PRODUCT INFORMATION...

    Buddha Nose lip balm exclusively for eyn $ 10.00

    Quick Overview don't let your lips go nude this winter! - single lip balm fits in your eyn case - includes four (4) .05 oz containers pre-packed in the following assortment: berry, coral, pink and natural- orange vanilla scented- made with all-natural...

    Replacement Wrist-Strap for eyn wallet/storage case $ 1.00

    Replacement wrist strap for eyn's wallet/storage case

    Curvyman Cord Supervisor $ 3.99

    PRODUCT INFORMATION Meet Curvyman, Senior Headset Cord Supervisor, Frustration Preventer Extraordinaire, and Your Future Best Friend. Made of durable, lightweight plastic, his unique physique was made for keeping unruly ear buds and headsets in order - literally! Pop one end...

    Removable decals for your eyn case. 4 for $10 $ 10.00

    Quick Overview Breast Cancer Awareness—show your support! -four (4) decals for $10-includes the following four (4) Breast Cancer Awareness decals: Fighter Ribbon, Pink Ribbon with Heart, Traditional Pink Ribbon, Survivor Ribbon-choose between white or pink decals in dropdown menu (can NOT mix colors...

    texting gloves - touch screen compatible knit gloves $ 7.99

    don't leave your fingertips out in the cold! touch screen compatible gloves keeps your hands warm and your fingers working. -conductive fingertips allows thumb, index and middle finger to accurately operate  -compatible with most touch screen devices -plenty of stretch to...